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The difference between us and our competitors is our relevance. Where else can you freely browse for fast cars without running into a minivan?

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Does my car meet the criteria to be listed for sale on GRIP?

If your vehicle is very common, most likely not. There are some exceptions. Your car doesn't have to be fast, it can be modified. Jeeps are perfect examples. A stock Jeep would not qualify for GRIP, but a lifted jeep with custom wheels and suspension would be ok. Another example is a stock Audi A7 compared to a stock Audi RS7. The RS7 is a performance vehicle and qualified. The stock A7 would need to be tuned or have some other performance modifications to qualify. When in doubt, contact us: info@joingrip.com

What happens after I pay?

You will be redirected to a form where you can enter your vehicle information, images, and contact information. After we receive your submission, we will review and approve/deny your vehicle based on our criteria. If your vehicle is approved, it will be listed for sale on GRIP. If your vehicle is denied, we will cancel and refund your payment.

What happens when my car sells?

First of all congratulations! After your vehicle sells, you can email info@joingrip.com and just say "sold". We will match your email to your vehicle and take it off the marketplace.

What if I have some ideas or feedback for GRIP?

We love hearing from users and customers. Please contact us at info@joingrip.com and let us know!